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98th NCSS Annual Conference


Please review the entire form before starting to fill it out to ensure you have all the required information.

General Information
All presenters are required to register for the conference by November 5, 2018. Please share this information with any co-presenters. NOTE: NCSS does not reimburse conference presenters for travel or hotel expenses. Presenters are responsible for providing any materials they plan to use or distribute in their presentation. They are also responsible for the costs of any A/V equipment needed. You will find those costs listed below on the proposal form. If your proposal is accepted, NCSS will confirm your audiovisual needs and you will be billed for the options you choose.
Presenter 1
Use two-letter postal code
Presenter 2
Use two-letter postal code
Presenter 3
Use two-letter postal code
Presentation Contact
All correspondence concerning this proposal will be sent to the presentation contact.
Presenter who will serve as the point of contact for correspondence about the submission.
All correspondence will go to the presentation contact. Please enter an active email address that is checked frequently.
Alternate contact information, such as personal email address or telephone number; used only if unable to contact using above email address.
Street Address or PO Box
Apartment, Suite, Floor, etc.
Topic Areas
To help match submissions to reviewers and sessions, please select the area(s) most applicable to your submission. You can choose only one topic, level, and subtheme.

Please select the grade level most applicable to your proposal.

Presentation Information
This abstract will be used in the Conference Program, online, and in the mobile app. The description should be directed toward prospective attendees and what they will learn by attending this presentation. Please start with an active verb, e.g., explore, learn, discover, receive. Note: Please do not copy/paste from MS Word.
Clearly state your goals for this presentation. What do you hope to accomplish?
Describe in detail what participants will learn by attending this presentation. What new skills, teaching methods, content, lesson ideas, or applications of technology will they come away with?
Tell us what you plan to do in your presentation and why. Use as much space as you need to communicate your intent and the value of what you are proposing to NCSS conference attendees. (no word limit)
Additional Information
Will any listed individuals be presenting a session at NCSS for the first time?
Are any of the listed presenters members of the NCSS House of Delegates?
Is this proposal being submitted on behalf of and NCSS Associated Group, Special Interest Community, Committee, Exhibitor or Sponsor?
If 'yes', please specify.

All meeting rooms will be set with a screen and AV cart, but you must request and pay for any additional equipment listed above. The prices listed here are estimates. NCSS will confirm your audio/visual needs, and costs will be included with acceptance materials, should your proposal be accepted for presentation.
Does this presentation require a live, dedicated Internet connection? There may be a cost to provide it.
Please enter a password you will remember. The submission ID, which you will receive via email upon submission of this form, along with this password will allow you to make future changes to this submission.
Please check over your entries, making sure everything is filled out. When ready, click on the Make Submission button below once.


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