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101st NCSS Annual Conference

NCSS 2021 Proposal

Presentation Information
See Proposal Submission Guide for more details presentation types.
10 word limit
Clinics are scheduled on Thursday, November 18; workshops are scheduled on Sunday, November 21; all other presentation types are scheduled on Friday or Saturday, November 19 and 10. Make sure the type of session you choose matches with your objectives, session strategies, etc. This will help show that you have aligned all elements of your proposal.

Please select the discipline/subject most applicable to your presentation. It will be reviewed with other proposals in this field. Tip: Think about the area that makes up the majority of your session. For example, if your session is 60% demonstration of tech tools, you should select technology even if the other 40% is U.S. history. If your session is demonstrating questioning using primary sources, you may consider selecting curriculum and instruction, rather than a specific content area. Select cross-disciplinary if your session crosses multiple disciplines.

Please select up to 2 applicable foci that describe your presentation, but only select those that are directly connected to your session. Please see the 2021 proposal guide for full descriptions of the secondary focus themes.

Select the target audience for the session you are proposing.

This abstract will be used in the Conference Program, online, and in the mobile app. 30 word limit.
If accepted, would you allow NCSS to record your presentation in audio and/or visual form?
If your proposal is not accepted in the submitted format, would you want this proposal to be considered in a different format (e.g., 30-minute power session, poster)?
Additional Information
Is this proposal being submitted on behalf of an NCSS Associated Group, Special Interest Community, Committee, Exhibitor or Sponsor?
All meeting rooms will be set with a screen and A/V cart, but you must request and pay for any additional equipment listed above. The prices listed here are estimates. NCSS will confirm your audio/visual needs, and costs will be included with acceptance materials, should your proposal be accepted for presentation.

Does this presentation require wireless Internet? There may be a cost to provide it.
Presenter 1 will be the contact for this proposal and receive all correspondence regarding the proposal. Please click "add presenter" to list additional presenter names for this proposal.
Presenter 1
Organization, City and State are used in presenter listings. (e.g., John Stewart, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA)
Contact Presenter
Alternate contact information, such as personal email address; used only if unable to contact using above email address.
Please enter a password you will remember. The submission ID, which you will receive via email upon submission of this form, along with this password will allow you to make future changes to this submission.
All presenters are required to register for the 101st NCSS Annual Conference by November 12, 2021. Please share this information with any co-presenters. NOTE: NCSS does not reimburse conference presenters for travel or hotel expenses. Presenters are responsible for providing any materials they plan to use or distribute in their presentation. They are also responsible for the costs of any A/V equipment needed. You will find those costs listed below on the proposal form. If your proposal is accepted, NCSS will confirm your audiovisual needs and you will be billed for the options you choose.

Please check over your entries, making sure everything is filled out. When ready, click on the Make Submission button below once.

The confirmation email will be sent to:


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