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100th NCSS Annual Conference

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“Civics” vs “Citizenship Education”

The panel will address the evolving nature of civics education in the United States as the discipline has grown to encompass and connect with broader youth development. Participants in the panel will discuss the potential of these more holistic, competency-focused, approaches to civics education—distinguished here as citizenship education—to transform students’ understandings of how they can participate in civic society, even when they are not yet eligible to vote. With America at a crossroads, panelists will offer insights into how educators can leverage citizenship education to support student self-efficacy, empowering them to discover the confidence and skills they need to shape the world around them.

Ali Berry
United States

Scott Warren
Generation Citizen
United States

Karalee Wong Nakatsuka
First Avenue Middle School
United States

Michael Neagle
Lowell High School
United States


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