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102nd NCSS Annual Conference


Please review the Call for Proposals and Submission Guide before submitting your presentation proposal. 

General Information

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Topic Areas
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Describe your session in less than 30 words. This description is used in the conference program should this session be selected for presentation.
What new content knowledge and/or pedagogy do you want participants leaving with? Be sure to connect objectives to the secondary focus you chose for your presentation and, if applicable, to the C3 Framework. Identify no more than 3 objectives. (No word limit.)
Outline what participants will experience. How will they Listen and Learn, Participate and Share, or Engage and Connect? If you are proposing a Round Table, list the questions that you will use to facilitate your discussion. (No word limit.)
In 40 words or less, explain why this presentation should be chosen for this conference? How does this presentation align with the Conference Theme: Revolutionary! Ideas and Actions Change the World? Why would a participant choose to attend this presentation?
In 40 words or less, explain why you (and other presenters) are the best individuals to present this session. What background/experiences/passions do you have that you want to share with others? Has this lesson, idea, tool, etc. been tried in a classroom? Elaborate.
How would you adapt this presentation if you presented it virtually.)
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Additional Presentation Information

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